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Sunday July 21st       Cassandra вернулась в Англию из Америки :)

The dictatorship of Cassandra started this morning. Our household is not allowed to drink tap water, coffee, tea or alcohol, nor to eat eggs, cheese, chocolate, fruit yoghurt, Marks&Spencer's lemon slices... etc., etc. The list goes on forever. There are also things we mustn't say. I happened to mention that Bianca's boss, the newsagent, is a fat man. Cassandra snapped, "He's not fat, he's dimensionally challenged".
Christian remarked to his wife over lunch that he was losing his hair, 'going bald' were his words. Once again, Cassandra snapped into action. "You're a little follicularly disadvantaged, that's all", sha said, as she inspected the top of her husband's head.
I cannot share this house with that woman, or her language. It is not as though she is pleasant to look at. She is as ugly as sin, or, as she might put it, she is facially impaired.

Adrian Mole: The Wilderness Years   by Sue Townsend.
Это я читаю, вместо того чтобы над дипломом корпеть.


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