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Jane Austen, Catharine and Other Stories 
Это бугога!!! 

Зацените, братья по разуму: (не обращаем внимания на заглавные буквы не к месту)

Из рассказа Frederic and Elfrida
  'When the sweet Captain Roger first addressed the amiable Rebecca, you alone objected to their union on account of the tender years of the Parties. That plea can be no more, seven days being now expired, together with the lovely Charlotte, since the Captain first spoke to you on the subject. 
 'Consent then Madam to their union and as a reward, this smelling Bottle <бутылочка с нюхательной солью, если что>  which I enclose in my right hand, shall be yours and yours forever; I will never claim it again. But if you refuse to join their hands in 3 days time, this dagger which I enclose in my left shall be steeped in your hearts blood.
'Speak then Madam and decide their fate and yours'.
      Such gentle and sweet persuasion could not fail of having the desired effect.

Из рассказа Jack and Alice
Miss Dickins was an excellent Governess. She instructed me in the Paths of Virtue; under her tuition I daily became more amiable, and might perhaps by this time have nearly attained perfection, had not my worthy Preceptoress been torn from my arms, e'er I had attained my seventeenth year. I never shall forget her last words. "My dear Kitty she said, Good night t'ye". I never saw her afterwards. 

Ну не прелесть ли??? ))))

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