Female Yeti (baby_rhino) wrote,
Female Yeti

Во френленте нашла ссылку на ревью 7й Книги (на английском языке)

Больше всего меня вот это парит:
Harry has already lost his parents, his godfather Sirius and his teacher Professor Dumbledore (all mentors he might have once received instruction from) and in this volume, the losses mount with unnerving speed: at least a half-dozen characters we have come to know die in these pages, and many others are wounded or tortured. 
Как же так, нам же обещали всего двух?... 

Но, черт возьми, сегодня в 3 часа ночи Книга будет у меня. Она-то и даст ответы на всё...

Tags: harrypotter

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